Jimmy Kimmel Discovers Melania Trump Follows Barack Obama on Twitter and Imagines Their DMs
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The late-night host also looked into who some of the president's closest friends are following.

Jimmy Kimmel couldn't help but giggle when he found out Melania Trump only follows five people on Twitter -- and one of them is former President Barack Obama.

"I'm sure the president isn't very happy about this," Kimmel said on his ABC late-night show Wednesday. "The man her beloved hates most, she follows."

Although Kimmel doesn't know why the first lady decided to follow Obama -- who her husband heavily criticized before and after being elected -- he did come up with some entertaining ideas in the form of fake DMs the comedian imagined she sent her husband's predecessor.

The DM's included: "Help me." "How to lock door of Lincoln bedroom? Don Don keep finding me." "Please to be breaking me out of White House. I want eat crab cake with you and Beyonce."

And since Melania's Twitter game was so amusing, Kimmel decided to do a little investigating to see who else people close to the president are secretly following.

Through his examination, Kimmel found that Donald Trump Jr. follows Kevin Jonas, former campaign manager Paul Manafort, an account called Queef Tornado and another one called Bristol Sweets.

"A woman who has tweeted things like this: 'Oops, wrong hole... Just kidding, I don't have a wrong hole,'" Kimmel said. "I guess the orange doesn't fall far from the tree is what I'm trying to say."

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