'The Bachelor' Season 22 Contestants

The dramatic finale proved more painful and awkward than expected.

It's hard to decide where to place our anger after watching "The Bachelor" Season 22 finale.

On one hand, it's all Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s fault because he is the sucker for love who proposed to Becca K. only to change his mind, dump her, take back his ring and start pursuing a relationship with Lauren B. Then again, ABC and the producers are equally culpable because they allowed Becca to get ambushed yet again for a few ratings points.

Making matters worse, Monday night's finale clocked in at three hours -- three hours!!! -- that none of us will ever get back. And ABC is dragging out the whole ordeal with a two-hour follow up airing tonight.

The only upside to the sequel is that Arie might be able to answer why he's such an awful human being. But given his lack of compelling articulation throughout most of the season, don't hold your breath.

From Peru with Love

To be fair, Arie did express how conflicted he felt throughout the finale. He even told his family, who flew to Peru just for this, that he loved both women and couldn't really decide whom he loved more. So he introduced both women to his father, mother, siblings and his siblings' significant others in hopes that they could tell him what to do.

After meeting Lauren and Becca, even Arie's family felt torn, but ultimately, they liked Becca more because she's communicative and confident. Although they found Lauren to be lovely, his family feared that her introverted ways would hold Arie back. (P.S. Arie's dad is really weird. When he told Becca he'd be happy if Arie chose her or Lauren, as though they're interchangeable, it felt super creepy, right?)

Anyway, Arie still had doubts, so he took Lauren on a romantic date to Machu Picchu, and the next day, took Becca sightseeing around Cusco. Hmmm. Maybe that's a tell-tell sign, huh? If Lauren got to see a Seventh Wonder of the World while Becca walked through rain soaked alleyways, perhaps we should've known Arie liked Lauren just a little bit more.

Despite this, Arie didn't choose Lauren -- at least not initially. He broke up with her without really explaining why and then proposed to Becca in front of the cameras and a small but curious pack of Alpacas.

Red Flags for Arie

After the proposal, Arie and Becca looked so blissful snuggling in a hammock, making pizza dough in a kitchen and kissing like crazy. But Arie has all the sensitivity of a chainsaw, and just like his tactless father, he doesn't take others' feelings into consideration.

In true "Bachelor" fashion, Arie told the producers he planned to dump Becca before he told her and then he blindsided her with the news via a split screen. Now, a cynic will tell you Becca signed up for this type of embarrassment simply because she's on a relationship reality show. But a romantic will tell you Becca deserves love and honesty just like anybody else, and Arie owed it to her to be honest when the cameras weren't rolling.

Instead, he took back the ring and proceeded to torment her by guiltily lingering at the "Happy Couple" house until she begged him to go. In turn, the studio audience booed Arie, Caroline (who warned us this was coming) chastised him further and Twitter tore him to shreds.

But none of this will heal Becca's heart or make this season of "The Bachelor" more than just one big train wreck full of broken hearts, awkwardness and ambushes. Tune in tonight for more teeth-gnashing good times when Arie, Lauren and Becca reunite on Chris' couch to talk about what's next.

In the meantime, enjoy all of the trash talk Bachelor Nation is hurling at Arie.

_"The Bachelor" Season 22 finale part two airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC._ Watch "TooFab's On the Rocks" below to get Bachelor Nation's Robby Hayes and Iggy Rodriguez's thoughts on "boring" Arie.
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