Meghan McCain Calls Betsy DeVos' '60 Minutes' Interview 'Deeply Frustrating' as 'The View' Tears It Apart
The Women of 'The View' -- Then & Now

Sunny Hostin says kids like her growing up "don't have a chance" with Besty DeVos running things.

The women of "The View" joined in on the Betsy DeVos backlash Monday morning, calling out the Education Secretary for her botched interview with "60 Minutes."

Whoopi Goldberg kicked off today's show by saying DeVos seemed "like she didn't do her homework" before sitting down with Leslie Stahl, who grilled DeVos about the failure of school choice in her home state of Michigan. In case you missed it, watch the awkward exchange at the top of the video below.

"She's just not on top of stuff," added Goldberg. "Call me crazy, but what's she been doing this whole time?!"

"The scary thing is she was in her home state of Michigan and hasn't visited her own state's schools," said an aggravated Sunny Hostin. "What is so upsetting to me is that education was the great equalizer for me. I've always said I was the kid from the South Bronx, but I was smart and I was in the books and my parents did everything to make sure I went to good schools. It's the only reason I'm sitting here today and not a statistic. When you think about the head of the education department, responsible for really our children's lives, not being qualified to lead those lives and lead the education, it hurts me to my core because kids like me don't have a chance with Betsy DeVos as the person taking care of their education. No chance!"

Sara Haines, returning to the morning show after maternity leave, said school choice will "hurt" the "most underprivileged young people that are already struggling." As for DeVos' fumbled take, Haines said she was able to forgive her for seeming ill-prepared for the job when she got it, "but you don't forgive her twice."

"The idea that she didn't research a lot of this before sitting down with Leslie Stahl? I'd at least have a cheat sheet ... just some numbers or something," she exclaimed.

While Meghan McCain said there are valid "arguments and conservations" to be made about school choice, DeVos isn't the one to lead them. "I think there are ways we can have better spokespeople explaining our ideology and it is endlessly frustrating to see someone who's in charge of this go on TV in front of Leslie Stahl and basically say, 'I don't know anything about my home state,'" she explained. "I don't know if she doesn't know or if she choked."

When Joy Behar asked McCain if she agreed DeVos isn't qualified, Meghan added: "This wouldn't be my choice for this job and if you cannot go in front of media and explain in soundbites your policy, your ideology .... it's deeply frustrating."

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