Jimmy Kimmel Audience Member Stuns Comedian With 'Craziest' Divorce Story He's Ever Heard
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"Even if you made that up, I appreciate it," Jimmy Kimmel tells a woman in her audience who jetted to Hollywood after ending a 48-hour marriage.

Jimmy Kimmel rarely shares his behind-the-scenes chats with audience members on his ABC late-night show, but when he does, you better believe there's a reason.

In one interaction shared on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" YouTube channel Tuesday while the show is on hiatus, a Texas woman stunned the comedian with the reason she was visiting Los Angeles -- she was checking off an agenda item on what she described as a "divorce trip" after a 48-hour marriage.

"Had a whole [wedding] and two days in on my first full day of my honeymoon I found out he was having an affair while I was on my second day of my honeymoon,” the woman told Kimmel. "And then I was stuck on an island for two weeks because of the hurricanes."

The divorceé added that for the honeymoon’s entirety, she wasn't just stuck on the same island as her unfaithful ex, but the same room. "Wow, that’s one of the craziest stories I’ve ever heard," he said.

But Kimmel wanted to know more.

He interviewed her to dig into the entire situation in front of his entire audience -- and now the internet -- and the Texan was more than happy to share.

"You know randomly we pick people out of the audience and most people have very boring stories to share," Kimmel said. "But thank you, even if you made that up, I appreciate it."

Watch the video above to hear the whole crazy story, and feel better about your last breakup.

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