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John Legend knows who bit Beyonce, and he's not telling.

John Legend knows who bit Beyonce, but refused to spill any specifics on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday.

The singer -- who recently crushed it on Fox's "Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert" spectacular -- talked about the "Who Bit Beyonce?" saga before playing a game to prove he knows a helluva lot more about his wife, Chrissy Teigen, than she knows about him.

"[Chrissy and I] weren't there, first of all, but we know people that there and they know who it was," the Grammy winner admitted to Ellen, talking about the scene of the crime when a mystery actress bit Beyonce. "We know who it was and we're not talking about it though."

The singer tried to change the subject, using Beyonce as a segway, saying that baby Luna recently said "Beyonce" for the first time. But Ellen wouldn't let him off the hook that easily.

"Does Luna know who bit Beyonce?" Ellen asked, to which Legend replied, "She does not."

"It is a famous actress?" Ellen asked and finally got some juice: "It is a famous person, yes."

However, the R&B crooner did not hesitate to share his knowledge about his wife. Similarly to when Teigen was on the show a few weeks ago, Ellen quizzed Legend in a game of "You Don't Know Jack About Chrissy Teigen," asking everything from questions about her "Magic Michelle" stripper name to the five states she's lived in.

Unlike Teigen, who failed miserably, Legend answered the majority of the questions correctly. The artist knew Teigen's favorite word ("f-ck"), where she got discovered (working in a surf shop in Huntington Beach, CA), and what award show the iconic crying meme came from (Golden Globes).

Watch the video above to find out which questions he got wrong

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