Jack Osbourne Says Dad Ozzy 'Hated' Filming Their Hit Reality Show
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But the son of the Black Sabbath rocker says filming current reality show is "the best time."

Ozzy Osbourne "hated" filming "The Osbournes."

According to his 32-year-old son, Jack Osbourne, the Black Sabbath frontman despised appearing on their hit family reality show -- which aired from 2002 to 2005 -- because he wasn't happy with how he was portrayed.

"After 'The Osbournes,' he just hated reality TV," Jack told People on Tuesday. "He hated the experience. He hated the way he was portrayed. He was like, 'It's not what I do. I'm a musician.'"

Jack's oldest sister, Aimee Osbourne, also hated the idea of appearing on reality TV and refused to be part of the series. She even moved out of her family's home at the age of 16.

Jack is now a father of three and stars in his own reality show, "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour," which he's attempting to make a normal and enjoyable experience for his daughters. Season 3 of the series is set to premiere next week.

"[It's] the best time," he said of filming. "My favorite times on the show have been when my kids have come out. I'm a little more structured with my kids than my parents were with me. I won't take them out of school for travel, not so much."

Although Jack and his wife, Lisa Osbourne, have recently decided to end their almost-six-year marriage, he said they're "doing really well" with the whole co-parenting thing.

"It's all you can really ask for at this stage," he said. "It's great."

Jack and Lisa announced their separation in May of this year, sharing a joint statement on Instagram that read, "The news about us separating has probably come as a bit of a shock to everyone, but we just want to clear the air and share with you what's going on. First and foremost, we absolutely still love each other. Our family is the most important thing in our lives, and we tried everything we could for many years to make this work. What's best for our family right now is that we separate lovingly and remain best friends who are committed to raising our children together."

"We had seven beautiful years of being a couple, filled with the most amazing moments, and we will be eternally grateful to one another for that," the statement continued. "We also have three wonderful children who we cherish more than anything. We are disappointed but feel confident that we will continue to grow our relationship as co-parents and best friends."

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