'Floribama Shore' Star Gus Smyrnios 'Shocked' by Co-Star Nilsa Coming on to Him
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He also sticks up for Aimee Hall after her that crazy rampage over wasted toothpaste.

Will "Floribama Shore" stars Nilsa Prowant and Gus Smyrnios finally hook up after she rejected his advances last season?

On Monday night's episode, Nilsa decided that she liked Gus after she previously slapped him in the face for coming on to him last summer. After a fun night out during which the entire house got way too drunk, Gus carried Nilsa into the cab where she proceeded to sit on his lap.

"You wouldn't even be open to giving this a try?" she said, beginning to give Gus little kisses.

Gus, like us, was totally taken by surprise.

"I was shocked myself. It just didn't make any sense to me," Gus told TooFab. "Because last year when we came to the house from the start, like I had a little bit of a thing for Nilsa. I was attracted to her and I wanted to get to know her, and when I feel that way about somebody, I always go about it quick. Like, I'm not going to sit in and dwindle and let somebody else take that opportunity from me. So that's what I did."

Gus stressed that last year he was into a relationship, but this year he wasn't "necessarily looking for the same thing."

"I came in this summer and I was like 'Nah I'm just going to have fun' as I didn't necessarily give her that same attention that I did last year," he said. "And so I guess just due to the fact that I didn't show her attention and I was flirting and she saw me with other people, maybe she realized what she missed out on. I think now she's trying to come on to me because of that."

The romance novel cover model explained it all in confessional, too. "Nilsa, I mean if you would have come at me this time last summer, I would have been all for it," Gus said. "But a new Gussie is in town and that's not necessarily what I'm looking for."

Although Gus didn't tell us what's to come with him and Nilsa, he did emphasize that he doesn't want to hurt her.

In the biggest fight of the episode, Aimee Hall flipped out over someone wasting her "good" toothpaste in a bathroom prank.

Aimee was extremely angry because her mom bought her that toothpaste. She immediately blamed Codi Butts because it was him and Gus that had pulled a prank on Kortni Gilson's luggage the night before. Gus told Aimee he was innocent and sympathized with her because he also understands what it's like to not have a lot of money.

"If you come from a family that lives off minimum wage... [toothpaste is] something that's important," Gus told TooFab. "I don't necessarily come from money either and so that type of struggle, I do understand it. So I felt for her once she started telling me that part of her story, because me and Aimee are the only ones that actually come from that type of background where we don't really come from that much money."

"A lot of people will never understand that because they've never actually struggled financially," he added. "But since I've been there myself, I really did understand where Aimee was coming from."

Gus also opened up about meeting "Teen Mom" star Briana DeJesus during a visit to "TRL" last week. The two took a photo together and their captions got fans thinking they might be more than friends. Briana and Gus both commented with red hearts and said they were happy to have met. Even though they "clicked," don't jump to any conclusions.

"I guess all of us clicked. I want to say necessarily me and Briana necessarily so to speak, but I mean we all just really vibe together," Gus said. "And so after that we took a group pic, we might've exchanged words after that but that was about it. I think she's a sweet girl and everything and I mean, you never know what to happen, but other than that, I mean that's about it."


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"Floribama Shore" airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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