Whoopi Goldberg wanted Jedediah Bila to talk to the hand 'cause the face was not listening as her "View" co-host attempted to defend Donald Trump's firing of attorney general Sally Yates.

The president sacked Yates after she refused to defend his executive action on immigration, saying she had "betrayed the Department of Justice." While Whoopi and the rest of the ladies said Yates was simply doing her job by defending to constitution, Bila strongly disagreed.

"Her job, she can object to this but her job is to enforce the laws," she said. "The president is the guy who's there to make these rules and if she objects, her job is to resign, but not to stay and support insubordination of those laws."

"Advising the president is not deciding which laws you want to enforce and which laws you don't," she continued. "She could have said to the president, 'I don't agree to this, I don't like this, I have a problem with it, hence I'm going to resign.' But if you're going to stay in that position, you're obligated to enforce laws."

Goldberg maintained that Yates had every right to question the constitutionality of the order and refuse to defend it until she had a better understanding.

"If you're talking to the people who work for you and they're saying what do we do, she has to say I don't know, I need to check because I don't think this is legal," said Whoopi. "Are you telling me that you think that the President, who put out this thing, gave people enough time to make a legal argument?"

"You can't as attorney general make a decision not to enforce the law based on the suspicion that it may not legal," Bila shot back. "He has right to fire her, 100%."

"What you are saying is incorrect," Goldberg shot back.

Bila then said it's Yates' job to know whether something is unconstitutional or not, leading Whoopi to once again tell her, "You're incorrect," before going to commercial.

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