7 Times Piers Morgan Was the Biggest Troll of All Time
The Worst Celebrity Feuds

Piers Morgan makes headlines day after day for his trolling tactics on some of Hollywood's most elite.

His recent spat with "Harry Potter" author and Twitter Queen J.K. Rowling reminded us of all the times he's taken to the twitter to go after the who's who.

1. Piers Morgan vs. J.K. Rowling

In a Monday Dailymail post, Morgan mentioned J.K Rowling in his list of "100 British Celebrities" who really matter at #97 saying,

"She would hate to be called a celebrity, and guards her private life intensely, so she doesn't play any part of the celebrity game. And that's why I've marked her quite far down my list. But by encouraging children to read, feel inspired and be creative, she has had a greater impact on the world than most of the other names on it."

Rowling recognized the sweet comments about her, and jokingly asked that the writer step-up so she could personally thank him/her.

This was clearly a sarcastic move by Rowling, who got into a heated feud with Morgan just a few days prior in regards to him going on Fox News and calling her a "serial loser"

I mean, Morgan's picture was displayed on the front page of the article. Leave it to a true twitter-queen to make such a subtle jab. Many users suggested that Morgan didn't even realize what she was doing.

2. Piers Morgan v. Kim Kardashian West

Kardashian is no stranger to very sexy and very nude selfies. When she shared one of her showcasing her assets appropriately censored over her lady parts, Piers offered to help her cover up.

This spiraled into a similar jab at Emily Ratajkowski, who posed in similar photo which forced the same reaction from Morgan.

And again, Morgan took a jab at Mrs. West. Morgan in an open letter to Kim on his DailyMail column after her Paris robbery wherein he questioned her motives as a celebrity, her parenting and her illustrious lifestyle.

3. Piers Morgan v. Chrissy Tiegen

Leave it to Chrissy to stand-up for her girl Jennifer Aniston and get slammed by Piers Morgan.

In a column Morgan wrote for DailyMail regarding Aniston's blog post on Huffington Post about how she deals with media gossip and scrutiny, Piers claimed the actress

"There’s another reason why the media objectify and scrutinize famous women, and why little girls get confused about beauty and body image."

"It’s this: female stars like Jennifer Aniston deliberately perpetuate the myth of ‘perfection’ by posing for endless magazine covers which have been airbrushed so much that in some cases the celebrity is virtually unrecognizable."

Tiegen was not here for those comments.

4. Piers Morgan vs. Ewan McGregor

It all started with McGregor was schedules to appear on "Good Morning Britain" but chose to skip the interview after finding out that Piers Morgan was the host.

The actor stated that his decision was based on the comments made by Morgan about The Women's March on Washington saying its attendees were "rabid feminists"

It doesn't stop there. Piers Morgan trolls and continues to Troll some of Hollywood's biggest names for reasons that seem far from being just personal.

5. Piers Morgan vs. Meryl Streep

“Me-Me-Me-Meryl’s a great actress but she’s rapidly turning into the world’s most crashing Hollywood pseudo-political bore,” Morgan said in yet another DailyMail column.

The actor went in on Streep for her recent comments on politics at the Golden Globes.

6. Piers Morgan vs. Beyonce

After the 2017 Grammy's, Morgan shared his candid opinion on Beyonce's performance.

"Didn't really 'feel' that Beyonce performance. Seemed heavier on the narcissism"

Queen Bey didn't reply to that one, but as you can be sure of, the Beyhive did.

7. Piers Morgan vs. The Beckhams

Back in December of 2016, Morgan slammed David and Victoria Beckham for having their son, Cruz, release a pop single.

Morgan directed his comments to Cruzs' manager Scooter Braun.

"He's an 11yr-old child being cynically pimped out by his famous parents with your collusion."

If we've learned anything about Piers Morgan after a look through his encyclopedia of trolling, we're sure there will be more to come in the future. Or...tomorrow.

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