Alec Baldwin stopped by "The Late Show" Tuesday night to spill the secret to perfecting his Donald Trump impersonation, and Stephen Colbert was just as enthralled as the audience.

"When I saw your Donald trump for the first time," Colbert said to Baldwin, "I think, like a lot of people, when I saw your Trump, I went 'Oh, thank God — somebody has cracked that nut.' Do you like doing it?"

Baldwin was coy, but he did admit the gig has made him even more recognizable on the streets.

"Well, it's amazing," he said. "More than anything, it's kind of eerie, actually, more than anything I've ever done. People come up to me and say something to me on the streets. People will walk up to me and I'll be putting Carmen in her little stroller, and someone will walk by very quietly and go, 'Thank you. Thank you. Oh my god, thank you.'"

But Baldwin credits his 3-year-old daughter Carmen with keeping his head from getting too big.

The "30 Rock" actor said he was working on a film when "Saturday Night Live" approached him about doing Trump, but the movie fell through and the rest is history.

Colbert asked Baldwin how he perfected what Baldwin calls a "caricature" of the president: "What's the thing that you have to do? Is it your face? Is it the hair? Is it the hands? Is it the voice?"

"You know, you just pick a few things. Like I'm sitting in the room going, 'left eyebrow up, right eyebrow down, shove your face out like you're trying to suck the chrome off the fender of a car," Baldwin said while making his best Trump face.

Baldwin added that Trump's "nontraditional" presidency is just the swing of the pendulum.

The pattern goes "crazy, safe, crazy, safe," he said. "Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump."

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