When you say jump, Amy Schumer isn’t the one to ask you how high, because this funny lady plays by her own rules.

Schumer and her “Snatched” co-star Goldie Hawn appeared on NBC’s “Today” Monday, and host Savannah Guthrie made a special request to the foul-mouthed comedian to "stay classy" because "it's morning TV."

"Amy just said the most terrifying thing," Guthrie said. "She said, 'Is this live?' And I said, 'Yes, Amy, it's live.'"

“Don’t worry. I’ve grown. I’ve evolved. I’m wearing flowers,” Schumer told Guthrie -- but still managed to sneak in a below-the-belt joke.

Guthrie asked Hawn what motherly advice she would give her "Snatched" co-star, and when Hawn didn't have any, Schumer filled in.

“Keep your feet in a bucket. That’s what my mom said because you can’t open your legs if they’re in a bucket,” Schumer joked. “What? I know it’s the morning, but…”

“I fell for it,” Guthrie said, while laughing uncomfortably. “I was like, ‘Oh, is that a cute expression?’"

Hawn then shared this advice from her own mother: “Stay off the casting couch.”

“Snatched” hits theaters May 12.

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