Zoe Kravitz was put in the hot seat Thursday night when a caller on "Watch What Happens Live" asked the "Rough Night" star if reports she dated Drake were true.

"We...hung out for a minute," Kravitz told host Andy Cohen. "We are very good friends."

Cohen, not content with her response, asked if by "hung out" she meant they "mashed a little bit."

Kravitz laughed it off, but was rather coy with her response.

"We hung out a little bit. You know, it's like how I hang out. I don't know how you hang out..." she said.

"If I was hanging out with Drake, I know what I'd be doing right now," Cohen said. "Let me put it that way."

"He's a cutie!" Kravitz said, and her "Rough Night" co-star Ilana Glazer agreed.

Back in 2013, Kravitz and Drake were spotted kissing at a Beyonce concert. Around the same time, some Instagram photos of the two of them together started to surface.

Guess we'll have to take Zoe's word for it.

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