Stephen Colbert returned from his trip to Russia with an apology ready for President Donald Trump.

While complaining Monday about the "witch hunt" to prove he or his team colluded with Russia in some manner to win the 2016 election, Trump tweeted that he should "be given an apology," because "there is no collusion and obstruction."

Colbert obliged during his "The Late Show" monologue Monday night.

"I’m a big enough man to apologize,” Colbert said. "And I believe I speak for the majority of Americans when I say this: I’m sorry you’re president."

Of course, Colbert also made fun of Trump for referring to himself as "T" in the tweet.

"Who the hell is T?" Colbert asked. "You know there’s already a letter for when you’re talking about yourself. It’s 'I,' as in, 'I don’t believe anyone calls you T!' You can't give yourself a nickname!"

He went continued to point out that POTUS shouldn't be calling out former president Obama of doing nothing claiming he was also involved in Russian meddling.

"Hold on,” Colbert said. "Nobody is accusing Obama of colluding or obstructing. That’s your deal."

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