8 Latest Developments in Rob Kardashian-Blac Chyna Beef
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The Rob Kardashian-Blac Chyna saga seems far from over, but with social media accounts being shut down and posts being deleted, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with the drama, so TooFab compiled the latest developments.

For those who need to be caught up on the former couple's very public feud, here's the gist: Rob went on an Instagram spree Wednesday morning, posting some of Blac Chyna's most private photos while accusing her of cheating with a rapper named Ferrari and a slew of others, using drugs, and being an unfit parent. He also claimed he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on jewelry and cosmetic surgery for Chyna after she gave birth to their baby Dream, who's now seven months old.

After several of the images were removed, reposted and then removed again, Rob's Instagram was shut down Wednesday afternoon, likely for violating the app's nudity policy.

Here are the latest developments in the real-time reality show TooFab is calling "Keeping Up With Rob and Chyna."

1. Blac Chyna to Seek Restraining Order Against Rob

Lawyer Lisa Bloom tweeted out on Friday that she's now representing Rob's ex.

In an interview conducted on Thursday, Bloom called the entire situation "disgusting" and a "very modern way of being misogynistic." She also said California's "revenge porn" law "clearly applies" to the situation -- though other reports, as mentioned below, suggest otherwise.

2. The Kardashians Have Stayed Silent Re: Rob on Social Media

While Rob's been stealing the spotlight, the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been busy sharing photo shoots, promoting apps and, uh, tweeting about ice cream.

Khloe Kardashian received particularly harsh heat for one photo she shared on social media, showing her posing with an ice cream cart.

See a full breakdown of the backlash and what Rob's sisters have been up to below:

3. Ferrari Says Rob Is a 'Good Guy'

Ferrari seemed calm, cool and unfazed by any drama as he was leaving Capitol Records in Hollywood Thursday afternoon.

When a TMZ pap asked the rapper how things were going with Chyna, he smiled and said, "Ask Chyna."

When he asked Ferrari if he feels bad about the situation, he shrugged and said, "I can't be asked that. I don't know. I feel good."

Ferrari also added that Rob was "a good guy."

4. Rob Cut Chyna Off, But She Doesn't Care

Rob has allegedly cut off Chyna financially, according to TMZ, which means he'll no longer make payments on her Tarzana rental and he'll be taking back the jewelry and two cars he bought her.

But sources say Chyna is not worried because she has money set aside from past appearances and money from their reality show together. "She's also confident she has earning power post-Rob."

According to TMZ, "it's unlikely in the foreseeable future either one of them will go to court for money or custody" of their daughter Dream. Rob has made it clear he wants to raise Dream, and considering Chyna's other son, King Cairo, is being raised primarily by his father Tyga, it's unlikely she will put up a custody fight for their daughter.

5. Rob Got Tipped Off By Ferrari's Baby Mama

According to TMZ, Rob got a direct message two weeks ago from Ferrari's baby mama, claiming Ferrari and Chyna had been having sex for two months. Rob then approached Ferrari about the situation, but the rapper denied the allegations. Chyna also denied the affair.

But on Monday, Ferrari posted a photo of himself in Chyna's bed, wearing Rob's Versace robe.

Rob then allegedly went through Chyna's phone Tuesday, where he found text exchanges, nude pictures and FaceTime calls that convinced him of their affair. That's when he declared war.

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6. Twitter Removed Chyna's Nude Images From Rob's Account

After Instagram shut down Rob's account Wednesday afternoon, he went to Twitter to continue his tirade. Unlike Instagram, Twitter does not have a strict nudity policy, but the platform removed the nude photos of Chyna. Below are Rob's tweets regarding the situation with Chyna in chronological order.

7. It's Unlikely Rob Will Be Prosecuted for Revenge Porn

According to California law, "A person who intentionally distributes the image of the intimate body part of another ... knowing they'll cause emotional distress" is guilty of committing a misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to six months in jail. The law also states the that in order to be convicted of revenge porn, there must have been an understanding between the parties that the images would remain private.

But TMZ reported that Chyna "liked" the images Rob was posting, which would make proving she suffered emotional distress very difficult.

Sources close Chyna also told TMZ Chyna "would never go to the cops and file a police report."

8. Chyna Is Back to Business as Usual on Instagram

By the looks of her most recent postings on the photo-driven social media platform, she doesn't seem too fazed by the drama that captivated the world this week.

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