R. Kelly 'Cult' Report Grosses Out Twitter: 'Disgusting,' 'Horrifying'
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R. Kelly shot to the top of Twitter trends Monday morning in wake of more unflattering headlines about his sex life, and the majority of users on the social media platform are pretty grossed out, but not quite surprised.

The R&B star is no stranger to bad press -- a short-lived marriage to 15-year-old Aaliyah, urinating on an underage girl in a sex tape, allegations of sex with other underage girls, and even hitting his ex wife -- but BuzzFeed's bombshell report ups the ante with claims from concerned parents and former employees that Kelly has started a "cult," or sorts, in which he "controls every aspect" of several young women's lives.

The most shocking claims include making sex tapes and showing them to his "inner circle," requiring the girls to ask permission use the bathroom, call him "daddy," physically and verbally abusing them, and even making them wear jogging suits because, according to a former personal assistant, "he doesn’t want their figures to be exposed."

There's plenty to be disgusted by, but what's bothering those weighing in on Twitter more seems to be how the singer has been in so much trouble before for similar offenses and yet he continues to evade legal punishment, and even worse in some minds, the music industry continues to support him.

Take a look at the reactions below.