Brandy Dragged by Fans Over Whitney Houston Birthday Message: 'Just A Permanent Meme Now'
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Brandy's birthday wishes to Whitney Houston sparked a Twitter trend and some beef with "The Boy Is Mine" co-singer Monica on Wednesday.

It all started innocently enough, with Monica posting an image of and message to the late singer on Instagram:

Brandy later posted a tribute of her own showing a montage of photos of them together with the message, "thank you for trusting me with the torch!!!"

She followed that up with two additional posts, before sliding into the comments of The Jasmine Brand's post about her tributes.

"Don't project your petty on me... she passed the torch when she passed on my birthday. I have a duty to do what she asked me to do and not anyone else," she wrote. "No one knows what we talked about and no one knows what the note said but she gave it to me and I made her a promise! So you, your faves, and your followers can sit down somewhere and I don't follow oh girl so I don't know what she post, or posted. Whitney loved us both so I don't see the competition or the comparison. But truth is, I was closer to Whitney and that means a lot to me. It's one thing to deal with my Idol passing and it's more excruciating for her to pass on my birthday so I take that as a sign that she wanted me to go out and be my greatest self and make her proud. The note, passing on my day, is the #Torch."

Many assumed "oh girl" was a reference to to Monica, an assumption that carried over onto Twitter as fans dragged Brandy over everything mentioned above.

Keke Palmer was one of the few standing up for Whitney's "Cinderella" co-star:

The rest of the Internet, however, was savage: