Gretchen Rossi Fires Back at Tamra Judge After Scathing 'Thirsty Wannabe,' 'Troll' Remarks
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Gretchen Rossi has responded to "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Tamra Judge after she said Rossi was "the biggest piece of sh-t" she's ever met.

Judge called former "RHOC" cast mate Rossi out for inserting herself into a feud she was having with her daughter Sidney Barney on Tuesday, when she spotted a comment Rossi made on her daughter's lengthy Facebook post.

Rossi issued a lengthy statement to TooFab in response:

"My publicist called today to inform me that several media outlets have requested to speak with me about my post today......and I respectfully declined. I don't need to post for press. I posted because I felt convicted to say something in a world where "Doing what is right isn't always the most popular thing to do".

So a question for all of you out there to ponder is..... If a child is crying out for help claiming verbal/ emotional abuse, and we as humans stand by and do nothing about it? Or do you get involved and do what you can to make sure this child's voice is heard and encourage them to stay strong. What I know for sure is whether I have a child or not it has no bearing on doing what is right. Whether this was Tamra's child or anyone else (adult or a child) who was being verbally, mentally, or physically abused by an individual, I believe it is our responsibility as humans to stand up. Sadly we have all witnessed the physical and verbal abuse from Tamra on the show; throwing wine in Jeana's face, screaming in Vicki face on the bus f- you and hitting /threatening to kill a cast member in Ireland (just to name a few) So what would make anyone assume her daughter is not telling the truth? You might not agree with me choosing to stand up, but if I don't, who will? We all have a choice, I made the tough unpopular one today.

And just for the record to Tamras childish response "Thirsty" is choosing to stay on a show for fame and money using your daughter as a storyline (even after she has asked you to stop) versus having an actual relationship with your daughter. There is nothing about your life to be jealous or obsessed with. I have chosen real love and relationships over everything else you perceive to be of value.

I pray for reconciliation and for the abuse and lies to stop and that this can be repaired. I believe the Lord can truly work miracles in families lives, let's hope this is one of them."

The initial post from Barney, which has since been deleted, accused her mom of putting "herself, her fame, her reputation, and her bank account before me."

Rossi caught wind of the Facebook post and commented on the thread saying, "You have no idea how your brave words are helping so many who have been wronged by your mother's manipulation and lies as thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth. I am so sorry your mother and your family is going through any of this, especially publicly, but continue to stay strong. Your morals and strength are commendable and inspiring."

Judge -- who has been creeping in the comments of her daughter's post as well -- shared (and then deleted) a screen grab of Rossi's note on her own Instagram page with a personal message to her former co-star.

"I usually don't give this troll any attention because it's exactly what she wants. But after years of her bashing me and now reaching out to my daughter I must say. Gretchen you are the biggest piece of shit I've ever met. Move on with your sad empty childless life and stay out of mine you thirsty wannabe," she said.

"You are obsessed with my life and I haven't even seen or spoke to you in 5 years," Judge added. "#MoveOn 👋 You have NO IDEA What my family is going through or what the truth is, Nor do you care. It's just an opportunity for you to get your name in the press. #obsessedfreak. Funny you of all people should be talking about morals 😂. You have none!"

Judge and Rossi have been feuding on-and-off for years, in a battle that's raged on even after Rossi's exit as a regular on the Bravo series in 2013.

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