Jon Stewart Crashed Dave Chappelle's Show to Slam Trump: 'In the President's Defense, He Is a Terrible Person'
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Jon Stewart made a guest appearance at Dave Chappelle's stand-up show in New York City this week to completely eviscerate Donald Trump.

New York Times reporter Sopan Deb, who was in attendance at the show, transcribed Stewart's message to Trump which he shared on his Twitter.

"It wasn't so much that there were Nazis," Stewart said, addressing the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. "It was really the reaction by certain presidents."

"There are two sides? M-therf-cker? Two sides?!" Stewart said. "I believe they are called the Allied powers and the Axis powers. This m-therf-cker signed a treaty that I don't think any of us knew about.

Stewart then went on an epic rant about his suspicion that Trump's longtime Nazi motives, recalling a tweet from Trump four years ago that was a "white supremacist trope."

"In the president's defense, he is a terrible person," Stewart said.

"But here's some clues he's not a great guy. He lives in a building with his name on it in giant letters and he has a plane on it with his name in giant letters. Good people don't ride that like. You're never like, 'H ey, there's the Mother Teresa Plane.'"

"I'll admit, I have a particular beef with him. So all this shit is new to people. They're like Donald Trump is a racist? Four years ago, I come into the office one morning and I walk in and somebody said to me, 'Dude, did you see what Trump tweeted about you?' And I was trying to be cool so I was like, 'F-ck yeah!' So he tweeted, 'If Jon Leibowitz is so above it all, why did he change his name? Basically saying to people, 'Just so you know, he's a Jew.'"

Stewart responded to Trump's tweet from the Comedy Central Twitter and said, "Did you know Donald Trump's real name is F-ckface Von Clownstick?" The exchange ended a week later when Trump tweeted that Jon Stewart is a "pussy."

"Anyway, smash cut four years later, he's our president."

Read Stewart's full message below:

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