One of the stars of Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" video is speaking out after her role in the clip caught backlash for being the target of fat jokes.

Christine Sydelko -- who played "Shaquille O'Meals" in Perry's basketball-themed video below -- found herself at the center of the controversy, after a number of websites (here, here and here) pointed out how her O'Meals does nothing but eat throughout the entire visual.

The YouTube star responded to the critics with a video of her own, explaining why she was surprised by the final product and what she was "so pissed" about.

"Everyone on Twitter is saying that it was just one, big fat joke at my expense, and I get that, but I've also seen people saying, 'Well, she knew what she was doing. If she didn't have a problem with it, why didn't she say something?'" Sydelko said. "1.) I don't have a problem with it. 2.) If I did have a problem with it, I had no idea what I was getting into."

"The only information I had before I showed up on set was that it was a basketball team, and I was on Katy's basketball team," Sydelko explained. "They came and they said, 'OK, you're gonna be eating tacos.'"

While Sydelko's love of Taco Bell is well documented, she didn't necessarily love eating cold tacos on set, which she had to spit into a bucket between takes.

"I didn't know that they were gonna call me 'Shaquille O'Meals,'" she continued, "and I don't care what the internet says, my comedy is not based on my weight. That's the only reason I'd be mad about this is because it kind of perpetuates the stereotype that I make fun of my own weight, which I don't."

"I see where it would be offensive, but me personally, I am not offended," she went on. "And people blaming Katy Perry, she is very hands on, but I don't think it was anyone's intention to make a fat joke. If it was anyone's fault, it would be the creative director, but it's no one's fault because I'm not offended."

Her biggest beef actually has nothing to do with how she was portrayed, but the fact that she didn't get to meet Nicki Minaj, who has a rap cameo in the song.

"She was green screened, I was so pissed," Sydelko said. "The only reason I agreed to do this video was because I thought I'd meet Nicki Minaj!"

All that being said, Sydelko admitted "that video was kind of a mess," but added, "it was supposed to be."

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