Watch Alec Baldwin's Savage Emmy Acceptance Speech About Donald Trump
Inside the Emmys Awards Show 2017

"I suppose I should say, at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy," Baldwin says accepting his Emmy Award.

Adam Baldwin took aim at President Donald Trump on Sunday night, as he collected his Emmy Award for his portrayal of POTUS on "Saturday Night Live."

"I suppose I should say, at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy," Baldwin said at the top of his speech, getting uge applause from the audience.

"I want to thank my wife," he continued. "My wife and I had three children in three years and we didn't have a child last year during the SNL season, I wonder if there's a correlation there. All you men out there, you put that orange wig on, it's birth control. Trust me."


Baldwin went on to thank all the "great writers" on the variety show, before telling all his famous friends in the house how important their work is.

"When you die, you don't remember a bill that Congress passed, a decision the Supreme Court made or an address made by the President. You remember a song, a line from a movie, a play, a book, a painting, a poem," he explained. "What we do is important and for all of you out there,d on't stop doing what you're doing, the audience is counting on you."

Trump has been nominated for two Emmy Awards for "The Apprentice," but never won.

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