P!nk, Channing Tatum Pop Pills and Dress in Drag in 'Beautiful Trauma' Music Video
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Things get kinky, toxic and fun in the music video for P!nk's "Beautiful Trauma."

In P!nk's latest music video, Channing Tatum shows that he's down for just about anything -- and he doesn't look bad in a dress, either.

The pop star went for psychedelic retro weirdness in the title track to her new album "Beautiful Trauma," playing a peppy 1950s housewife who guzzles pills and alcohol just to get through the day.

Her husband (played by Tatum) has his own share of vices, pouring whiskey into his morning coffee and getting wasted on martinis at night -- but things really get interesting when P!nk walks in on him dressing in drag in her closet, and decides she's super into it.

"My love, my drug, we're f-cked up," P!nk sings, as the happy couple launch into boozy dance numbers, pass out in the bathtub and engage in a threesome with a Betty Page-esque dominatrix.

"'Cause I've been on the run so long they can't find me / You waking up to remember I'm pretty / And when the chemicals leave my body / Yeah, they're gonna find me in a hotel lobby."

Tatum is no stranger to raunchy dancing and drag -- who could forget "Magic Mike" or his stint as Beyonce on "Lip Sync Battle"? -- but this video is probably satisfying a kink that lots of people didn't want to admit they had.

The video was produced by Goldenboyz directors and choreographers RJ Durell and Nick Florez, who were behind dance performances like Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show and Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour.

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