Hollywood Cheers as Doug Jones Beats Roy Moore in Alabama Senate Race
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Debra Messing tweets, "A Hanukkah miracle! God bless Alabama & God bless America. Tonight decency won. Humanity won."

Hollywood erupted in excitement across social media Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning after Doug Jones was declared the victor over Roy Moore in Alabama's special Senatorial election.

Moore had been besieged by allegations of sexual misconduct toward minors, including attempted rape. Despite this, there was tremendous uncertainly that he could pull of a victory in consistently conservative state. The vacated seat up for grabs had been a Republican seat, and polls showed Moore maintaining a slight lead.

As late-night hosts and comedians laid into Moore, President Donald Trump controversially endorsed the candidate, reminding potential voters that Moore is facing only allegations at this time. Moore has denied any wrongdoing, and even denied knowing any of his accusers, though one of them managed to debunk that narrative with tangible proof that he knew her.

Jones' victory reduces Republican control of the Senate to 51-49. Moore refused to concede defeat, but Trump took to Twitter to congratulate Jones on his victory, as Alabama election officials said a recount would be unlikely to change the final result.

Take a look at Hollywood's online victory party below:

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