23 Scariest Things Trump Ever Said in Honor of Halloween

Yesterday Twitter was hurling insults at Vanity Fair, but today outrage is focused on Trump for criticizing the same publication.

Vanity Fair may owe Donald Trump a thank you card.

His Thursday morning Twitter taunt at Conde Nast editorial director Anna Wintour, who is also the editor-in-chief of Vogue, for apologizing for an outrage-inducing Hillary Clinton video seems to have steered backlash away from the video itself.

"Vanity Fair, which looks like it is on its last legs, is bending over backwards in apologizing for the minor hit they took at Crooked H," Trump tweeted. "Anna Winter who was all set to be Amp to Court of St James's and a big fundraiser for CH, is beside herself in grief and begging for forgiveness."

Trump's critics used it as another opportunity to pounce, calling out POTUS for seemingly confusing Wintour as the editor of Vanity Fair.

"I can’t believe someone who spent as long as Trump did begging to be let into NY high society doesn’t know the difference between Vanity Fair and Vogue," one Trump hater tweeted.

Others pointed out, however, that Trump may not have been confused at all, since Wintour is editorial director of all of Conde Nast's magazines.

With that factoid in mind, another person slamming Trump tweeted, "Anna Wintour is the artistic director of Condé Nast, but that's for every publication under their publishing umbrella. She doesn't work on Vanity Fair exclusively. If this is about ultimate responsibility, why is Trump not attacking the two men who own and run Condé Nast?"

Vanity Fair came under fire from literally thousands of unhappy people Wednesday after publishing a video featuring editors telling Clinton to "take up a new hobby in 2018." The video, which VF described as "an attempt at humor" in its apology, suggested Clinton should take up knitting or go for more walks in the woods. The outrage shot the publication to the top of the Twitter trends, with a few famous women voicing their concerns as well.

"Hey STOP TELLING WOMEN WHAT THE F-CK THEY SHOULD DO OR CAN DO. Get over your mommy issues," Patricia Arquette tweeted Tuesday.

"This is sexist and not funny. Not a good combo," Alyssa Milano tweeted more recently.

Fortunately for those Vanity Fair editors, America's attention span is short and the outrage has already shifted to Trump.

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