Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

The talk show host reveals her biggest issue with the movement taking over Hollywood.

Wendy Williams made a bold statement about the #MeToo movement on her talk show Thursday morning.

During her Hot Topics segment on "The Wendy Williams Show," the host remarked, "I'm sick of this #MeToo movement." The statement was a complete non sequitur, as she had previously been talking about Pamela Anderson dating a younger man.

"I love that people are speaking up for the first time and speaking out and everything, but now it's got, I look at all men like you're a #MeToo, all of them, all of them, which is not fair," she continued. The comment was met with silence by her studio audience.

"And they're asking everybody at the Grammys to wear a white rose to support the #MeToo," she added, this time eliciting applause from those attending the show. And with that, she moved on to another topic.

Williams had mentioned the #MeToo movement much earlier in the show, about 10 minutes and three subjects beforehand, while talking about a grassroots campaign to get R. Kelly's concerts canceled.

"It's not gonna work. Black people are not very good at protesting, not since the King march," said Wendy. "It's not going to work."

"See there's so many people that are like, 'He didn't do it,' or whatever. The #MeToo movement hasn't affected R. Kelly, because R. Kelly, he wasn't a #MeToo," she continued. "Aaliyah voluntarily married him when she was 15 years old. And her parents voluntarily let her do it, when she was 15 years old. And that little girl that I saw with my own eye balls that he urinated on and he had his way with, was there at his house, she let it go down."

R. Kelly was cleared of fourteen counts of child pornography in 2008, after a sex tape surfaced allegedly featuring him and a girl who was as young as 13 at the time. Kelly denied being on the video tape and even the alleged victim said it wasn't her.

"The multiple allegations of R. Kelly holding women in his own home. Where are their parents? This is a whole different thing, it has nothing to do with #MeToo," she added. "R. Kelly is just a very very sick man."

She then asked her audience members to clap if they still listened to his music, which many of them did. After one fan said "the old R. Kelly," Williams clapped back: "The old R. Kelly was the one in the studio with the young girls."

"The old R. Kelly is a pig," she added. "'I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind' ... on a 15-year-old girl?!"

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