'Riverdale' Star Hopes for Hermione Hookup with These Co-Stars After Telling Hiram 'Enough Is Enough'
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Star Marisol Nicols tells TooFab which "Riverdale" dads Hermione should have a TV fling with.

Marisol Nichols doesn't believe her "Riverdale" character's marriage with Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) will last much longer if things don't change between them, fast.

"We can't keep going the way we're going, can we? I would assume down the line she'll say enough is enough," Nichols told TooFab.

If the two do reach a breaking point, however, that could just be the start of something even more entertaining.

"As much fun as we're having working together and scheming and taking on the town, I think it would be doubly fun to see them at each other's throats," explained the actress.

A single Hermione could also lead to a new love interest for the character down the line and Nichols already has a couple co-stars in mind.

"I wouldn't mind seeing [Hermione Lodge] with freaking FP around," Nichols said of Skeet Ulrich's FP Jones. "I mean she's obviously attracted to these strong, take charge kind of men, so I wouldn't mind seeing that. I think it would be fun."

Nichols isn't too confident about that hookup though, since she knows Madchen Amick has already been gunning for an FP/Alice Cooper partnership for quite some time.

"Madchen's been hardcore pitching Skeet and her since the day Skeet walked on set," Nichols said. "And I was like, ugh, I actually like the brief scenes that Skeet and I had together because it was somewhat dangerous. I kinda liked that, but I doubt they'll ever get together."

A potential backup: rekindling that flame with Fred Andrews (Luke Perry).

"I like that relationship. I felt that we dropped it too soon and I hope that we do get to revisit it one day," she said. "We never got any closure on it. It was sort of just boom bang done and I felt that what Luke and I created was very grounded and it felt very real and so neither one of us wanted it to end as soon as it did. We're hoping that we can revisit it one day, even if it's not them together romantically, you know maybe it's them hashing it out on what did happen. We never got that and I want that."

"Riverdale" airs at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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