Late-Night Stars Pile on Trump's 'Hope-less' White House After Communications Director Hicks Resigns
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"Now, and in every sense of the word, this administration is truly hopeless," Stephen Colbert jokes Wednesday night following Hope Hicks' resignation.

White House communications director Hope Hicks resigned Wednesday evening, providing late-night comedians with a surplus of material.

"It's farewell to Ms. Hick," Stephen Colbert said during his Wednesday monologue. "Now, and in every sense of the word, this administration is truly hopeless."

Hicks announced her resignation shortly after she spent more than eight hours giving a private testimony to the White House Intelligence Committee, where she admitted that President Donald Trump occasionally required her to tell "white lies."

Despite fessing up to having told minor untruths for POTUS, Hicks insisted that she did not lie about matters related to the investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.

"What are you doing?!" Colbert asked Hicks hypothetically. "You think telling the feds you lie about some stuff but not other stuff is gonna throw 'em off the scent? 'Oh, sure, there's blood in my car, but that's like from a totally different body!'"

See what else Colbert, Seth Meyers and James Corden had to say about Trump's Hope-less administration below.

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

"Yesterday, the House Intelligence Committee heard testimony from White House communications director and her own evil twin, Hope Hicks," Colbert joked on "The Late Show." "She refused to answer almost all of the committee's questions, but she did acknowledge that she sometimes tells white lies for Trump. Well, duh! Telling lies to white people is what got Trump elected."

Hicks won't be leaving the White House for a few weeks, which Colbert said gave Hicks plenty of time to "train up her replacement liar."

"'Hi, I'm Hope. I'll be your liar this evening, and shadowing me is Melissa, who's learning to lie for Donald Trump,'" the comedian said, impersonating Hicks. "'That's also a lie -- her name is Diane -- or is it?'"

"I assume Hicks will go join the people previously holding the position and move into an apartment with Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci," Colbert said before impersonating The Mooch. "'With you here, Hope, this is the most people ever to share an apartment in American history, period! Hey, Hopey, little tip -- if the Spice Man puts a sock on his doorknob, it's 'cause he sucks his own cock!'"

"Hicks is not leaving on bad terms," Colbert added. "In fact, she said she had 'no words' to express her gratitude to the president. Yes, the communications director has no words, and the president is hoping she'll have no words for Robert Mueller. So it's farewell to Ms. Hicks. Now, and in every sense of the word, this administration is truly hopeless."

'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

"White House communications director Hope Hicks announced today that she is resigning from her position, which is weird because I thought hope left the White House a year ago," Meyers said on "Late Night," flashing a photo of former president Barack Obama across the screen.

"According to the New York Times, Hope Hicks told the White House Intelligence committee yesterday that she has occasionally had to tell white lies -- white lies, or as Melania calls them, vows."

'The Late Late Show with James Corden'

"Yesterday, White House communications director Hope Hicks spoke in front of a congressional committee, giving testimony about the Russia investigation, during which, she said that her work for President Trump sometimes requires her to tell white lies," Corden said on "The Late Late Show." "Now, the president said that -- like most things -- he's fine with it as long as they're white."

"I'm not sure what kind of white lies she tells for Trump, but I'm guessing it's mostly stuff like, 'Great tweet, Mr. President!' and 'Oh, hi, Melania! No, I have no idea who that woman was!'" Corden joked.

Regarding Hicks' resignation, Corden said, "I bet Trump was like, 'You can't tell Congress that you lie for me! When someone asks you that, you have to lie!'"

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