What Cardi B's Getting Paid to Play Coachella -- and How Much She Invested In Her Own Set
Relive Coachella 2017

"I didn't know that Coachella was such a big deal," the rapper reveals.

Cardi B dipped into her own piggy bank to play Coachella this weekend.

Despite dropping her pregnancy bombshell on "Saturday Night Live", the rapper is still planning on performing at the Southern California music festival over the next two weekends.

"Coachella been booked, like, we been booked Coachella like six months ago, seven months ago," Cardi told Superstar J and Gray Rizzy on SiriusXM's "Shade 45" Tuesday morning. "I'm getting paid for Coachella like 70 bandos a day." FYI: yes, bandos means thousands. Not too shabby, right?

Despite the pay day, the rapper said she had to invest almost $300k of her own money for her elaborate stage set. "My own money that I gotta go to Wells Fargo and write a check," she joked. "It's an investment, you gotta take that, but it's like, 'Dammit, right after I just finished paying my damn taxes!'"

"I didn't know that Coachella was such a big deal and I did not know that it was a lot of people," she also admitted.

The rapper revealed she'll be heading down to the desert on Wednesday. Once there, she'll kick off "10-hour rehearsals" for her Sunday set, which she promises will include new songs.

Cardi B's latest album, "Invasion of Privacy," is out now.

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