Kim Kardashian Attended Her 20th High School Reunion and Twitter Can't Handle It
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"I wanna be as extra as Kim Kardashian when I pull up to my high school reunion," one Twitter user wrote of the reality star's night.

Kim Kardashian truly had a Flashback Friday last night, attending her 20th high school reunion and documenting the whole night on social media. And yes, even though we all know who she is, she still rocked a name tag.

Sporting a sexy white mini that showed some cleavage, the reality star and beauty mogul certainly made it a night to remember. In typical Kim fashion, she arrived in style by inviting a group of friends and former classmates on party bus to ride with her to the event.

The boujee party bus included silver "Class of '98" balloons and old Marymount High School yearbooks, in case anyone wanted to wax nostalgic.

Kim posted a ton of videos to her Instagram stories to document the event, roaming the halls and pointing out how much the place had changed since her graduation. Relive some of her night below!

Fans went wild on Twitter as they watched Kim head to her reunion, wondering what it'd be like if they ever ran into her at one of theirs. Check out some of the funniest reactions below:

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