Hollywood Piles on Starbucks for Calling 911 on Two Black Men Who Asked to Use Bathroom
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"This makes me sad," Philadelphia native Kevin Hart tweets.

All eyes are on Starbucks this week, including Hollywood's.

Kevin Hart, Ruby Rose, Kumail Nanjiani, T.I. and the ladies of "The View" were among those speaking out against the coffee chain after two black men were arrested for allegedly trespassing in a Philadelphia Starbucks last Thursday.

An employee at the location called 911 after the men asked to use the restroom without buying anything first. The men were released shortly after their arrest and weren't charged, but protests broke out as many believe it is a clear example of discrimination and racism. Hollywood stars who have caught wind of the story have joined calls for a boycott.

"This really makes me sad," Hart tweeted Monday. "Starbucks had a platform and a real opportunity to fix that situation correctly by calling it exactly what it was, which was racial profiling/discrimination by the on-duty manager. YOU FAILED ... That person should have been FIRED."

T.I. urged his Instagram followers to boycott Starbucks and elaborated when TMZ caught him on camera leaving LAX Sunday.

"We should reserve our right to stop spending out money at places that don’t respect us equally, you know what I’m saying?" the rapper and actor said. "Until they have made some progressive steps to let us know how they plan to rectifying the situation, I don’t see no other answer."'

"I think that if there’s one thing that America has shown us, it’s that there are two ways that you can get their attention: the loss of life, and the loss of finances," he added. "Too much has been left undone when it comes to us being treating equally and fairly in this country. I don’t have nothing personally against Starbucks. … The greater good of all, man, is my priority."

Over on "The View" Monday, Whoopi Goldberg explained that you "don't want to leap to a racial thing," however, she also pointed out that that many white people in the coffee shop hadn't ordered anything, yet they weren't asked to leave. Fellow panelistSunny Hostin explained that this sort of discrimination is something that is happening all the time. "This is the real-life experience of African Americans in this country," she argued, while Sara Haines thought police should have intervened when they realized the men had done nothing wrong.

Read Starbucks official apology, then take a look at more reactions from Hollywood below.

STARBUCKS CEO APOLOGIZES FOR ARRESTS: The company's CEO says he will order store managers to undergo training on how to spot "unconscious bias" after witnesses said two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia shop for doing nothing but sitting at a table — the co-hosts react. pic.twitter.com/ADPL3wBTkB

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