'RHOBH' Tea Time: Kyle Richards Erupts in Season 8 Finale When PantyGate Resurfaces at Dorit's Fashion Show
BTS of Dorit Kemsley's Swimwear Line Fashion Show

"Rinna's up Erika's ass, Erika's up Dorit's ass, Dorit's up Lisa Vanderpump's ass," Kyle says on Tuesday's explosive Season 8 finale.

Kyle Richards is over the bullshit.

On the Season 8 finale of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Kyle reached her breaking point -- unfortunately, it just so happened to take place at another one of Dorit Kemsley's events (Remember New York? Ooooof.)

On Tuesday night's episode, the ladies all gathered to support the launch of Dorit's new swimwear line, and although the actual show was stunning, the evening took a turn.

Following the show, Kyle asked Lisa Vanderpump in front of all the women when the modeling photos Dorit took for Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine were going to be published. Lisa stumbled over her words as she let Kyle -- and Dorit -- know that because Dorit was unhappy with the photos (she was), the shoot took on a "negative" vibe, and the creative forces behind the mag decided to cut out Dorit's face and head from the shots, so as to only show off the jewelry she was modeling.

This caught Dorit off guard, but she tried to brush it off. Kyle then made a joke about how Lisa's never asked her to model for the magazine, saying she wouldn't have required a glam squad. Dorit took that as a jab, so she asked Kyle point-blank if she had any "unresolved feelings" toward her.

"Dorit, you can't expect there not to be any repercussion from the dinner in Erika's hotel room," Kyle said, referencing the blowout they had in Berlin. "You were saying things that didn't even make sense to me!"

Erika Girardi chimed in, "Oh, about the underwear?" Welcome to Season 8, PantyGate!

"It surprised me because I had nothing to do with that, and it wasn't fair," Kyle said. "In your attempt to get closer to Erika, you wanna throw me under the bus for no f-cking reason -- again."

There was no stopping Kyle's emotional floodgates. Not only did she defend herself from having anything to do with PantyGate, she also brought up the time Dorit told Erika that Kyle was really annoyed when Erika left Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave's beach house to sleep at a hotel.

Kyle looked to Erika for "some clarity," but when Erika didn't have her back the way Kyle wanted her to, she stormed off.

"[Lisa] Rinna's up Erika's ass, Erika's up Dorit's ass, Dorit's up Lisa Vanderpump's ass," Kyle told her husband, Mauricio Umansky, on their way out of the show. "Everyone's busy kissing ass and bullshitting, and no one's being honest. And you know what? It's at my expense, and I'm not gonna f-cking do it anymore."

"I'm feeling like everybody's full of shit," Kyle later told Bravo cams. "And I don't feel like sitting here at a party being fake with a bunch of bullshitters."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion begins Tuesday, April 24 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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