See More 'Fear the Walking Dead' Water Park Pics

Spoiler alert: It's not pretty!

It's no fun when walkers want to get wet and wild, too!

In this exclusive preview of Sunday's new episode of "Fear the Walking Dead," Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and newcomer Naomi (Jenna Elfman) find themselves scoping out an abandoned water park.

The two women note that though Whirlin' Wavez looks like it was once inhabited by a community of people, it became a home for the undead after the walls around it collapsed.

"Whoever was camped here moved to higher ground when the fence went down," Naomi says, motioning to the top of the highest water slide. With the stairs barricaded, Alicia says there's only one way up: the side itself.

After quickly dispatching a pair of water-logged zombies, the two find time for a little levity, bonding over the sweet, sweet deliciousness of a deep friend cinnamon stick. "So what's your record of churros in a single visit?" asks Alicia. "4, I was having fun, may have been high on chlorine," responds Naomi.

Though that's where the preview ends, photos from the episode show the two make the treacherous climb up the water spout. Find out what they discover there when "Fear the Walking Dead" airs Sunday at 9pm on AMC.