Relive the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards Red Carpet

If all goes as planned, Haddish won't end up with a poop-stained dress -- or a baby daddy.

We're confident Tiffany Haddish will slay this year's MTV Movie & TV Awards, and this exclusive clip of her preparing for the gig only makes us more excited to see her in action.

The "Girls Trip" breakout star and "Who Bit Beyonce" instigator will be hosting this year's ceremony, and she's already got her list of dos and don'ts down pat.

"I like to say what I don't want so that I can get what I do want," she says in the clip below.

On the list of things Haddish doesn't want on her big night are a "baby daddy," a "fail" of an evening, a poop-stained dress and a wardrobe malfunction -- specifically, a "titty pop-out."

Although "Stranger Things" and "Black Panther" have snagged the most noms, Haddish is up for two awards -- Best Comedic Performance and Scene Stealer -- while "Girls Trip" is nominated for Best Movie.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards airs Monday, June 18 at 9 p.m. ET.

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