The Most Savage Celebrity Clapbacks Ever

Comedian compares Trump's propaganda trailer to "a Scientology recruitment video from the '90s."

Jimmy Kimmel dedicated much of his ABC late-night show on Tuesday to making fun of Donald Trump's summit with Kim Jong-un, and marveled at Dennis Rodman's inability to pronounce the latter's name, despite proudly being pals with the North Korean dictator.

Not only did the former NBA star and "Apprentice" contestant cry on CNN while praising the diplomatic meeting, he continuously referred to the foreign leader as "Kim Yun-Yun," or some variation, which Kimmel got a kick out of.

"At Panda Express, Kim Yun-Yun is the number three," he joked.

Before that, the late-night host took a shot at Rodman for getting so emotional while talking to CNN's Chris Cuomo. "Usually when you see a grown with a lip ring weeping in public, it means he just got fired from the assistant manager of a Hot Topic store," the comedian joked.

Kimmel also couldn't help but laugh at the propaganda trailer Trump's administration made in effort to convince Jong-un to work with the United States toward peace and denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

"It looks like a Scientology recruitment video from the '90s," Kimmel joked, and then showed his own parody.

"From Destiny Pictures and the people who brought you mass starvation, racial tension, Miss Universe, Trump Steaks, Russian election tampering, porn star bribery, death camps and Eric Trump," says the narrator of the fake trailer making fun of another fake trailer. "See what the failing New York Times calls 'a meaningless trash fire,' and Fox News says 'is an absolute masterpiece, I simply can not stop ejaculating.'"

And yes, of course Dennis Rodman makes a cameo in "2 Fat 2 Furious," along with other #MAGA-loving stars Scott Baio and Ted Nugent.

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