The Women of 'The View' -- Then & Now

"Where is Ivanka in all of this?" wonders Meghan McCain.

The women of "The View" have had it with the "zero-tolerance" immigration policy that's led to children being separated from their parents, as well as anyone who continues to do nothing about it.

Catching the most backlash this morning: both Donald and Ivanka Trump.

With the media spotlight on and outrage over immigration detention centers growing every day, Meghan McCain wondered why the first daughter and adviser to the president hasn't used her platform to do anything.

"There's the horrible audio that came out of children screaming and crying and I don't understand how you listen to that and not feel somewhat differently about this," said McCain. "Where is Ivanka in all of this? Because she's all for women and mothers and she has a White House role and a job and I'm sort of interested that her whole platform has been women and mothers and she doesn't have anything to say about this."

Sara Haines then took aim at POTUS himself, saying she finds his "overall absence" on the issue "surprising."

"He is a guy who is on the heels of telling us he can pardon himself," she said. "He has all the power in the palm of his hands and then a problem comes and he says this isn't mine, it's Congress."

She also slighted Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for her disastrous press conference on Monday, with Haines saying she has "a hard time taking anything she says for truth."

"What's strange to me is everyone's talking about Congress now passing some sort of bill that will end this policy, this president can end this policy right now," said an angry Sunny Hostin. "All he needs to do is say we are not going to do it. Period. There is nothing else that needs to be done. Jeff Sessions, quite frankly, can end the policy right now."

As the discussion continued, Joy Behar called out Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham for comparing the detention centers to "summer camps" on her show. "I don't think they sent two-year-olds to summer camp, number one. They didn't put them in cages and put them all together and this other one, Nielsen, she says they're being treated very well."

Both Joy and Whoopi Goldberg agreed that none of that matters if they "don't have their parents."

"I observe my grandson, he's 7 years old, he likes to play Minecraft, but he wants us in the room with him," Behar continued. "Children want their parents, they want their grandparents there. I don't think in summer camp, mothers are dragged out screaming, 'I want my child back.'"

Of Ingraham, McCain made sure to voice that the Fox News host "does't speak for the entirety" of the Republican party, adding that there are many "hard right figures" who are speaking out against the policy. She also noted that Trump and Sessions will likely do nothing, especially since Trump's approval ratings were higher than ever in a new Gallup poll released Monday.

Whoopi said the videos and audio coming out of these centers are helping put a face to the issue, making it impossible to ignore. "This has to piss you off, it has to piss you off," she exclaimed. "This is beyond left, right, center, middle. This is an American issue ... this is wrong."

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