D.L. Hughley Details Bill Cosby 'Confrontation' Over Rape Allegations and Rips ABC's 'Disingenuous' Decision to Fire Roseanne
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"With all due respect, I say the N-word, but nobody wakes up with their panties on backwards," the "WWHL" guest recalls telling Cosby.

D.L. Hughley ended up telling Andy Cohen much more than Andy Cohen expected to hear on "Watch What Happens Live" Sunday night, spilling on his "huge" confrontation with Bill Cosby over rape allegations, his thoughts on ABC firing Roseanne Barr and much, much more.

"With everything surrounding Bill Cosby's trial, do you think he'll actually go to jail?" Cohen asked during a game of "Stand Up or Stand Down."

Without hesitation, Hughley said yes and added that he and Cosby once had a "confrontation" while hosting a radio show. Cohen immediately pressed him for the full story.

"I was a specific type of comedian, and Bill Cosby had a different perspective of what comedy should be," Hughley said. "And one time, I was hosting a radio show, and he called in to do press, and I didn't wanna to do it because I was like, 'I know we're gonna get into it.' And so finally, he had been so rude to the people around me that I said, 'Mr. Cosby, what did you want?' He says, 'Who is this?' I say, 'This is D.L. Hughley.' He says, 'D.L. Hughley? You say the N-word.' I say, 'With all due respect, I say the N-word, but nobody wakes up with their panties on backwards.' So we had this huge [confrontation]."

"Like, to me, I think that he has changed comedy, I think that he was a brilliant man, but I think that you can be incredibly brilliant and a rapist," he added. "I don't think that those things are mutually exclusive, and we got into it."

On the Cancellation of 'Roseanne'

The topic of ABC's decision to cancel "Roseanne" came up, which Hughley said he felt was "disingenuous."

"They hired her in the first place," he said. "Here's the thing -- before, ABC hired Rush Limbaugh to do 'Monday Night Football,' so they've been courting this audience. Listen, I thought Roseanne should have got fired 'cause she shouldn't have got hired, but once you take that ride, let's go for the whole ride. I think bigots needs jobs, too. I just hate when they blame it on stuff. 'I hate black people 'cause I took a sleeping pill.' You hate black people 'cause you hate black people! I like people who make an argument and stick to it regardless of what people think of it."

On Monique's Call to Boycott Netflix

Hughley also shared his thoughts on Monique's call to boycott Netflix, saying, "I recently did a Netflix special, and I had signed to do it -- and after Monique made these claims, I called my manager and I go, 'Wait, how much am I making?' I ultimately think that you can't ask somebody to boycott Netflix when you're making a half a million dollars in an hour, and they're trying to figure out how to get the $13 to pay for their Netflix. Show 'em what you got, and then we'll see what happens. Ultimately, a special's all about showing people that you still got the ability to make people laugh."

On His Favorite Bernie Mac Memory

"Can I say this? We would get drunk after every show," Hughley said. "Talk about what we would be. Like, Bernie used to wear colors no one had ever seen before. We would all wait by the elevator and go, 'Damn, let's see what he got on.' Crayon didn't make the colors that he had."

On Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Restaurant Debacle

"It suffices to say that America has never had a problem stopping some people, like black people couldn't eat at restaurants, gay people can't get a cake, and Sarah Sanders couldn't get served a meal -- and it don't seem like she's missing many. She probably had a snack on the way to the restaurant," he said.

On Melania Trump's 'I Don't Care, Do You?' Jacket

"First off, anybody who thought that jacket was cool probably went to Trump University."

On Kylie Jenner Removing Her Lip Fillers

"Black people -- we can't remove ours."

On Southwest Airlines' Decision to Stop Serving Peanuts

"Who cares? It's Southwest!"

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