All of Khloe Kardashian's Most Savage Twitter Klapbacks

"I absolutely love my mom, but she's a psychopath," Khloe declares in a confessional.

Khloe Kardashian wants her mom Kris Jenner to get her "puss" out of her "face."

In a preview for Sunday night's episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," Kris visits pregnant daughter Khloe to "help" her workout -- which in this case means hopping on the StairMaster with Khloe and putting her recently lasered crotch in her face.

"Hi, what are you doing?" Kris says posing on the workout machine.

"What are you doing? I don't like your puss in my face," Khloe snaps.

"I just had a laser," Kris says in reply.

Kris then proceeds to critique her daughter's pregnancy exercises and tells her that she "should not" be working out that hard while expecting as she might "hurt" herself.

"This is a lot," Kris says, pulling on Khloe's TRX bands. "You should not be doing this pregnant. You might hurt yourself."

"Even though Khloe's expecting, she works out like a professional athlete," she adds in confessional. "I don't want Khloe to go into early labor because she's working out and exerting herself so much."

Khloe stresses that she just wants to be "healthy," but Kris demands that she take a "break."

As we know, Khloe's workout's are important to her, so she did not take this criticism lightly.

"I absolutely love my mom, but she's a psychopath," Khloe says in a confessional.

Kris tries to distract Khloe and offers her alternative activities, inviting her to "watch TV" or "go for a swim."

At this point, Khloe begins to get irritated with her mother. Of course, she vents it all out during a confessional, mimicking the family matriarch.

"'Are you sure you should be doing this? Do feel okay? You should not be doing that, Khloe,'" she says. 'Oh my god! When I was pregnant you just got to lay down and just eat all day, just lay down. You shouldn't be walking.'"

"It's just so extreme. Enough is enough," she adds.

Khloe points out to her momager that she hasn't been to any of her doctor appointments and informs her that her physician says it's "good" for her to workout.

"Doctor A says it's good to work out," Khloe says. "I'm doing what my doctor says."

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" airs Sunday nights at 9pm on E!

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