Fox News Recruits 'Home Improvement' Star to Bash 'Elitist' Hollywood for Speaking Out Against Donald Trump
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'Home Improvement' Cast -- Then and Now!

"It's almost like they're better than you," child star Zachary Ty Bryan says on "Fox & Friends."

"Home Improvement" child star Zachary Ty Bryan stopped by "Fox & Friends" Friday to discourage Hollywood stars from using their platform to endorse political candidates or policies -- specifically of the left-leaning variety.

When co-host Steve Doocy argued it's not a good "business decision" to endorse a certain political point of view that may alienate fans on the other end of the political spectrum, the 36-year-old actor agreed "it really doesn't" seem like a good strategy to win over fans, specifically in middle America.

"As an actor, I think one of the first things that you're taught is it's the fans that make you who you are. And a lot of those fans are watching in Middle America, so it's kind of interesting to me to watch them make it so cut and dry," the guy who played Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor's son, Brad, said on the Fox News morning program.

Bryan was specifically reacting to Hollywood couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick releasing a video encouraging their fans to volunteer during elections this year so that the United States is "one step closer to a government that will hold this administration accountable."

"Be on the right side of history," the couple say in the video, and the talking heads on President Trump's favorite network didn't take kindly to it, countering the actors just want their fans to be "on the left side of history."

"I think we need to try and understand the other side and not just criticize the other side," Bryan said before dropping Fox News' favorite buzz word, "elitist."

"And so much of it in my business I feel comes from this elitist perspective, where it's almost like they're better than you," Bryan continued. "Or at least that's a lot of what I hear from my family down home – and that's kind of frustrating because these are really good hardworking Americans."

Bryan said as an actor it's his job to "entertain," not preach politics or speak out against President Trump because, "It's the fans that make you who you are and a lot of those fans are watching in Middle America."

According to IMDb, Bryan hasn't had an acting project released since he played Thor in 2009 TV movie "Thor: Hammer of the Gods." He has, however, been busy behind the camera. He's listed as an executive producer of critically acclaimed Maggie Gyllenhaal drama "The Kindergarten Teacher," as well as a documentary called "BIT X BIT: In Bitcoin We Trust." Plus he's producing an upcoming Sophie Turner drama called "Heavy."

Bryan added in his interview on "Fox & Friends" that he thinks it's narcissistic for celebrities to share their political views and encourage Americans to get more involved in the democratic election process.

"I think there's kind of been this narcissism created now that because you're in the public eye, all of a sudden you know more than the normal Joe Schmoe which just isn't the case," he said.

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