Louis C.K. Roasted for Returning to Stand-Up Comedy Way Too Soon
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"Louis CK is spearheading the #MeTooSoon movement," comedian Melinda Hill tweets.

Louis C.K. returned to the stand-up stage Sunday night and was reportedly greeted warmly with a standing ovation from the audience, but it's a different story on Twitter Tuesday morning.

The comedian, whose career fell apart after admitting to sexual misconduct allegations from five women at the height of the #MeToo movement, is getting roasted on the social media platform after The New York Times published an article about C.K.'s first time back at NYC club The Comedy Cellar since saying in a statement a last November that he would "now step back and take a long time to listen."

For many reacting to the news -- including other comedians -- he has not stepped back long enough.

"Louis CK is spearheading the #MeTooSoon movement," comedian Melinda Hill tweeted. Another accomplished comedian, Ian Karmel, tweeted, "Louis CK being 'banished' from stand-up comedy wasn't some kind of petty punishment, it was a f--king workplace safety issue."

Another issue people have with the 15-minute set is the fact that it was unannounced by the club beforehand, effectively springing a comedian infamous for sexual misconduct on audience members that may not have wanted to see him.

Noam Dworman, the owner of the Greenwich Village comedy hot spot, told the Times C.K. was "very relaxed" as he riffed on "typical Louis C.K. stuff," including racism, waitresses’ tips and parades. He described the crowd's reception as warm and appreciative, but did say he received an email from one patron who complained. "He wished he had known in advance, so he could’ve decided whether to have been there or not," Dworman said.

"I understand that some people will be upset with me," Dworman told the Times. "I care about my customers very much. Every complaint goes through me like a knife. And I care about doing the right thing."

He added, "There can’t be a permanent life sentence on someone who does something wrong," and that is also not sitting well with those speaking out on social media today. See the backlash brewing below.

But not everyone was piling on the disgraced comedian. "Wet Hot American Summer" star Michael Ian Black appeared to support C.K. testing the waters.

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