That Time Burt Reynolds Got in Physical Fight with Nickelodeon Host Marc Summers on 'Tonight Show'
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Words were said, water was thrown and pies were smashed. Summers confirms the "nuts" late-night TV confrontation was "not planned" and "all real."

If there was an Emmy for Best Late-Night TV Fight, Burt Reynolds and Nickelodeon star Marc Summers would have won it after an epic clash on "The Tonight Show" in 1994.

In wake of the legendary actor's death on Thursday at the age of 82, fans resurfaced the Jay Leno interview that went off the rails when both men were seated next to each other. After verbally sparring and then throwing water at each other, they physically clash -- with pies, a hallmark of his former kids show "What Would You Do?"

The beef started when Reynolds apparently felt slighted by Summers facing his back to him while speaking to Leno. "Who told you that you were a neatness freak?" Reynolds asked. "I just say that because your back is to me and I was just talking to a back."

"My wife tells me that often. I'm still married, as a matter of fact," Summers said, and Reynolds snapped. The movie star, who was on the late-night show to promote his memoir "My Life," was in the middle of a tense divorce with Loni Anderson. He did not think Summers' comeback was funny and immediately dumped his "Tonight Show" mug of water on the comedian.

It only escalated from there. While Summers kept a smile on his face the entire time, he threw a mug of water right back, but Reynolds swatted it down. Eventually, the production team presented both men with pies for a formal faceoff, which we'd say Reynolds won pretty easily.

Worth noting, too, that Reynolds' one liners had the audiences LOLing hard.

While reflecting on the wild late-night moment Summers described as "nuts" in a 2018 interview on "Running Late with Scott Rogowsky," the '90s Nickelodeon host confirmed it was as unscripted as it looked.

"This was not planned, it was all real," he said. "Jay called me afterward and asked, 'What's going on between you and Burt?' It was like survival of the fittest. I was a comic. You wait your entire life to get on the Tonight Show, I wasn't going to let this guy f--k it up for me."

You gotta watch the entire interview above. Late-night TV doesn't make 'em like that anymore. And for the record, Summers said he hasn't been invited back to "The Tonight Show" since.

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