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With Fallon producing "The Tonight Show" from Central Park, he and Bieber go incognito to see how much they can annoy people with their obnoxious dancing.

Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon took to Central Park in New York with an epic prank set to Bieber's hit single, "What Do You Mean?"

The skit saw the pair of them disguised under shaggy wigs, obnoxious mustaches and ill-fitting suits as they danced around the park awkwardly close to the New Yorkers who made the bad choice of being in their path.

In true New York fashion, they were largely ignored for their ridiculous antics -- it probably helped New Yorkers not care that they were being followed around by a camera crew -- but they did manage to get a few locals to join in on the fun, starting with a pair of adorable kids who did the "Backpack Kid" dance with them.

At one point, they totally weird out a young girl just sitting by a curb on her phone when they sat next to her and started hip thrusting to the music. She could not contain her laughter.

Of course, everything changed when they pulled off the wigs and 'staches to reveal who was underneath all of that goofy, manic energy. Then, it was nothing but love.

But honestly, with "The Tonight Show" taping in Central Park, the locals should have expected shenanigans from the host. But then again, they've probably learned that when you see weird dudes in weird clothes doing weird things in Central Park, you give them a wide berth.

One the masks were off, so to speak, the crowds closed in and it was all hugs, laughter and selfies

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