The Worst Celebrity Feuds

He also called them the dreaded C-word, before apologizing for his language.

Farrah Abraham isn't the only one who was ticked about how she was treated on Vivica A. Fox's "Face the Truth."

In a completely random string on tweets on Monday and Tuesday, former "Brothers & Sisters" star Balthazar Getty unloaded on the show and its co-hosts for their "judgmental" attitudes towards the "Teen Mom OG" star.

In case you missed it, Abraham was grilled about her behavior as a parent, sex tape and arrest before allegedly failing a drug test on the show, which she ended up walking out on. She went on to slam the "Face the Truth" on social media, saying she has "no respect for women who have to lie, degrade, and be jealous of another amazing [woman]."

Balthazar said he "accidentally landed" on the show on Monday, before responding to a number of tweets from the series' Twitter account by calling the co-hosts "evil bitches."

"You women are evil judgmental horrible people. They way [you] treated a guest makes it clear that you all are the problem," he wrote.

"You and your 'girl friends' on this trash show should be ashamed of yourself's," he continued. "Truly vulgar judgmental -CUNEXTUESDAYS. The hosts of this show @FaceTheTruthTV are pigs."

"F--k these judgmental old ladies on @FaceTheTruthTV your hosts are judgmental terrible people," he said in another message to Abraham herself. "I've never seen this show until today and the way [they] treated a guest was appalling."

After a fan said being judgmental was "part of the show," Getty responded, "Putting issues on the table is good but they just seemed so hurtful clearly the girl needs help but that’s not the way to do it. To shame people is not good."

He must have caught some flack for his sexist language, as he later apologized for it ... but didn't pull down his tweets.

"My language towards those women was uncalled for but in the moment I was so angry that these women would treat another women like that," he tweeted. "I shouldn't have used that language but they didn't want to help."

In his last message, he added, "Watch again how truly nasty they were as if they really wanted her to 'pay' or to hurt her. I wasn't even aware of who she was etc."

While she has yet to say anything to Getty, Fox released the following statement to TooFab after seeing Abraham's criticism: "It's too bad that Farrah could not Face The Truth! We pray for her daughter Sophia and her mother! Maybe seeing herself on the show today will open her eyes and her heart!"