'AGT' Winner Shin Lim Blows Ellen DeGeneres Away With New Magic Tricks, Reveals His Million-Dollar Plans
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The card magician and newly-crowned "America's Got Talent" winner wows fellow guests Beth Behrs and Wanda Sykes while leaving Ellen speechless.

Shin Lim's greatest trick may have been winning "America's Got Talent" and scoring its million-dollar prize, but he still had a few more tricks up his sleeves for "Ellen" on Friday.

The newly-crowned, and still shocked, champion dropped by to chat with Ellen DeGeneres about his big win, his plans for all that cash and to show off some of the skills that helped him take it all in Wednesday night's live finale.

When it comes to the money prize, which is more money than many of us can even truly fathom, much less make plans for, Shin's immediate plans are both practical and touching. "I have a crummy car so I need to get a new car with that," he said first off.

But then, he revealed, " I actually had a couple of friends recently struggling with brain cancer so I think I want to contribute a little bit to research and development and try to, you know, figure it out so we can fight that."

For his first trick, Ellen and Shin were joined by fellow guests Beth Behrs and Wanda Sykes, and it was a retread of the trick he performed with the "American Ninja Warrior" panel during Wednesday night's live broadcast. It's still a wildly impressive trick, but it was nothing compared to the new one he had for Ellen later.

While they were at the chairs, Shin had Ellen sign one of the cards. He then folded it and had her hold it in her teeth. It was only after this that he signed a second card himself and held that between his teeth. Then, through the power of how-the-f--k-does-he-do-that, he switched the cards.

You might think you can figure out some of his card tricks and illusions, but you can't figure out this one. Just be careful walking by him with big bills in your wallet; he might swap them for ones in his without you even knowing it!

Check his latest trick out below and see if you can figure out how he did it.

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