13 Celebrity Couples That Are Legit #RelationshipGoals

The supermodel also joins the "Tonight Show" host for a hilarious game of Catchphrase.

For Gisele Bündchen, meeting Tom Brady was love at first sight.

While appearing on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Thursday night, the supermodel detailed the moment when she first met the NFL quarterback on a blind date many years ago. Gisele, who earlier this week spoke about how her life was turned "upside down" when she learned Tom's ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his child, spilled on how she "fell in love right away" with her husband back in 2006.

"For some reason, everybody thought they needed to find me a boyfriend," she said. "So, actually, it was my third blind date ... I figured let's meet for a drink because, you know, a drink can take three minutes or two hours."

"When I saw this kind eyes I literally fell in love right away," Gisele continued. "I was like, what? I mean he was just so [sweet]. You know how sweet he is."

"I'm in love with him, too," Fallon replied.

Gisele, who was at the late-night show promoting her new book "Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life," told Fallon about playing dodgeball with Tom's family. The model explained how the Brady clan is "pretty hardcore," when it comes to competitive activities. Gisele said that Tom isn't the only family member with a strong arm and that his sisters play hard as well.

"The whole Brady family can throw?" Fallon asked, and Gisele replied, "Oh yeah."

"I would never play that," Fallon added. "I'd be like, 'Hey, let's play Catchphrase."

And they did. The supermodel joined Fallon, Billy Crystal, and Quavo in one of the late-night host's favorite games. Skip to around four minutes to watch the "Stir Fry" rapper try to act out and describe ballet. It's an incredible start to your weekend, we promise!

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