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The "Halloween" star makes rare late-night TV appearance, and now we desperately want her to do more!

Jamie Lee Curtis does not appreciate late-night television and her son does not like Jimmy Kimmel.

She felt compelled to tell the ABC late-night host both of these things on Wednesday night when she appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to promote her new movie, "Halloween," which hits theaters on Oct. 19.

"I don't do late-night television. I don't. I am only here becuase you are such a good guy," Curtis told Kimmel. "Really. I find it all very hostile, late-night television. And you can be pointed, certainly, but you have such a beautiful heart."

"By the way, my family, very big fans of you," she added, with the caveat that her son, Tom, "really doesn't actually like you so much."

Kimmel just laughed along, and his guest continued, "But it's fine, because I'm sure if he met you, he'd like you."

Curtis and Kimmel gabbed like old friends, but believe it or not, it was the first time they ever met.

"It is our first time ever meeting and it is my first time on your show, here on this weird place, so I brought you a little gift," she said, and then handed him a collection of flies for one of his favorite hobbies, fly fishing.

After she dropped that fun fact about Kimmel, he dropped one about her, too. She's an inventor!

Watch the video above to see her re-enact the hilarious moment she decided to patent the "Dipe and Wipe," which she explained is "a diaper that has a wiper built in."

"We gotta get you on 'Shark Tank,'" Kimmel joked. "Do you know what that is?"

"Does it have to do with fishing?" a confused Curtis asked.

Please, please, please do more late-night television, Jamie Lee Curtis!

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