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It's not as good as some of their previous pranks on each other, but it was still a pretty epic way of welcoming Kimmel back to New York City.

Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski's neighborly prank war traveled thousands of miles to Brooklyn Tuesday night.

You may recall the former Los Angeles neighbors spent half of this decade pranking each other at home or at work as part of an annual Christmas tradition that began innocently enough when Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, snuck two obnoxious decorations into Kimmel's home in 2011. The pranks escalated significantly, with Krasinski wrapping Kimmel's car and turning the late-night host's office into a winder wonderland, and then Kimmel in turn dumped gallons upon gallons of egg nog on the actor in 2015.

"That ruined my night and a really nice suit," Krasinksi said while talking to Kimmel on his temporary set built on the stage of the Howard Gilman Opera House at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

"This is why I moved. The good news is, we're neighbors this week," the actor added. "Where are you staying? Doesn't matter, I already know."

Cut to a camera outside of the New York City house Kimmel is renting.

Krasinski's revenge for that nog incident was destroying any anonymity Kimmel was hoping to have during his stay in Brooklyn. He decked the house out with signs declaring, "Welcome Jimmy Kimmel Who Is Renting This House" and "Come in and Say Hi!!"

The "Jack Ryan" star even hired a choir to sing the invitation to people passing by in the Park Slope neighborhood.

"You know it's funny you would say that John, because I also know where you live," Kimmel laughed. "I wish I was more prepared. I do know where you live, but I didn't do anything to it. It's not even Christmas time!"

"Well, my children are there," Krasinksi reasoned, to which Kimmel replied, "My kids are there also. That's great."

We look forward to Kimmel retaliating this holiday season.

Watch the rest of their interview below:

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