Is Nickelodeon Bringing 'All That' Back? New Boss Says 'Don't Be Surprised'
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Brian Robbins created "All That," and now he's the president of the kids TV network, so you do the math.

Fresh out the box, stop, look and watch. Ready yet? Get set, because "All That" may be coming back to Nickelodeon.

Brian Robbins, who was recently named the new president of the kids network, told The Hollywood Reporter "don't be surprised" if the sketch show that launched Kenan Thompson's career makes a comeback.

When asked if there's any old properties he'd like to see rebooted, he answered by saying he never would have canceled "All That," a show he co-created and produced with Michael Tollin early on in his career.

"I was actually at 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend in New York with Kenan Thompson, who grew up on 'All That' and 'Kenan & Kel.' It was my first time seeing him on the show and I really wanted to cry. I was so proud," he said. "I've known the kid since he's 14 years old. 'All That' ran for 10 years. I would've never, ever, ever canceled the show."

"It should've been [Nickelodeon's] 'Saturday Night Live,'" he continued. "'All That' was a very sophisticated show. Young humor, but the level of comedy on that show was sophisticated."

When the reporter said he's in a position to bring it back, Robbins answered, "Don't be surprised. Don't be surprised."

Robbins, who left the movie division of Paramount to return to the kids network, said he's got big plans for Nickelodeon, which is also working on another classic property, "Are You Afraid of the Dark," as a movie expected to hit theaters in a year.

"My first TV show that I produced was 'All That,' then 'Kenan & Kel' and 'The Amanda Show,' so I sort of have Nickelodeon in my blood," he told THR. "I really, really want the brand to win and succeed, and so I feel like it's almost weirdly my duty to go do this and try to bring it back and win."

"All That" ran for 10 seasons between 1995 and 2005. Other memorable cast members included Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Lori Beth Denberg, Jamie Lynn Spears and even Gabriel Iglesias, who is now a very successful stand-up comedian.

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