Travis Scott Admits Delivery Room Was 'Scary' and What He Was Most Afraid Of When Stormi Was Born
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The rapper admits that Kris Jenner had to help him keep it together throughout the overwhelming experience as Kylie gave birth.

First-time dad Travis Scott seems to still get the creeps thinking about one element from the birth of his daughter, Stormi, with Kylie Jenner.

The rapper dropped by "Ellen" on Monday and talked about the whole experience with Ellen DeGeneres, praising Mama KJ (Kris Jenner) for helping him keep it together. "She helped me down because this was so scary," he said. "This was actually my first delivery room. So she was like walking me through the whole process."

But there was one part of the process that he'd apparently only heard about and he made it sound like something out of a horror movie. "There's like this thing called the placenta that I just been hearing about," he explained. "Oh my god, so I was like fearful of that."

When Ellen brought it up again a little bit later, Travis seemed to get the chills and could only stammer for a moment, as if the memory of it still haunted him in his quiet moments. Luckily, it didn't completely derail him in the delivery room, as he cut the umbilical cord and felt that immediate parental bond when he held Stormi for the first time.

"When you like first have a baby in your arms it's just like it's uncontrollable," he said. "It's like this whole warmth, you know that just takes over your whole body. I never thought I could just like love something so hard you know. It's crazy."

Ellen thought it was crazy when they were flipping through a few photos of Stormi and she came across one of the tyke in what looked like workout gear for babies. She couldn't help but ask if Stormi was on an exercise regiment already. Laughing, Travis played along saying that his daughter is "on her own workout plan."

He went on to describe this particular move. "I think these are like the Stormi up-downs we're doing right now," he said. "This is like Daddy made me go up and down or I'm gonna cry forever. So this is what I'm doing right here."

While he admitted to being scared at first, Travis appears to have taken to fatherhood and that "warmth" he talked about. When sharing what Stormi is up to these days, which appears to involve tearing through the house with her new walker, he has that same smile and glow you can imagine he had in the delivery room.

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