Joy Behar Admits She 'Liked' Trump Before He Became 'Psycho' President
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"The View" star says she didn't expect her fellow New Yorker to be such a "maniac" in the White House.

Believe it or not, Joy Behar admitted she actually "liked" Donald Trump before he became the "psycho" President of the United States.

While appearing on MSNBC's "The Beat" with Ari Melber, "The View" co-host, who never shies away from trashing Trump these days, recalled a time where she used to not despise the former "Apprentice" star.

"Who knew he was such a psycho?" she told Melber. "I liked the guy in a way. It was like, 'Oh, he's a New York character.'"

The comedian explained that she had "gotten along" with Trump in the past and was even invited to his second wedding. However, Behar said that as a native New Yorker, she and the state alike knew that Trump wasn't good news.

"We know the beast," she said. "We knew him. We get it. Just like Michael Bloomberg said, 'I know a conman when I see one.' He's a conman,” she explained. "New York is hip to it. The rest of the country didn't know him the way we do."

Melber then showed clips from Trump visiting "The View," which Behar has co-hosted since 1997. In a segment from 2003, Behar even referred to Trump as an "upstanding American."

The MSNBC host and ABC star went on to discuss some of Trump's key phrases and policies, including "fake news" and "build the wall." Behar pointed out that she "never" expected that Trump would turn out to be "this bad."

"Even before he won, I said, 'If he wins, God forbid, he can't be really such a maniac,'" Behar recalled. "He's much worse."

"I thought he was also a secret Democrat," she added. "Which he shows us he's not. He's not a Republican or a Democrat. He's just an anarchist as far as I'm concerned."

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