'RHOA' Fight of the Night: Porsha Rips Into Kandi for Throwing Her Out of Todd's Party
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"The point of this conversation is you're not my f--king friend!" Porsha hurls at Kandi.

Back in August, Kandi Burruss threw husband Todd Tucker a Michael Jordan-themed 45th birthday party. She even extended the invite to once-enemy Porsha Williams, who happily attended with boyfriend Dennis McKinley.

But an altercation between Porsha and Kandi's friend/Dennis' ex-girlfriend broke out during the event, and ultimately, Kandi's security forced Porsha to leave. Sunday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" captured the aftermath of the ordeal, which blew up in everyone's face when the ladies got together for dinner and drinks at the home of Tanya Sam, NeNe Leakes' friend.

The second Porsha walked in, Tanya let her know Kandi was in the backyard with the other women, already fired up about the ordeal. Kandi insisted she only knew the side of the story that "multiple people" who allegedly saw the incident told her, so she asked Porsha what she thought happened that night. Kandi was also under the impression Porsha must have been drunk, but Porsha claims she was 100 percent sober because she had just found out she was expecting -- which Kandi didn't know.

Porsha explained to Kandi that she felt Kandi should have reached out to her after she got booted from the event to make sure she was okay. For the most part, NeNe and Cynthia Bailey agreed with Porsha, but they stayed as far away from the crossfire as possible. At the time, they were the only two of the group who knew Porsha was pregnant.

Porsha also noted that the debacle wound up all over "the blogs" the next day, adding that many of the stories she read were littered with "lies."

"So are you trying to say I put the lies in the press?" Kandi asked. Growing agitated, Porsha replied, "I'm just reading you down the situation."

The two couldn't agree upon who exactly was the "aggressor" of the situation. Porsha claims it was Kandi's friend (who she's gotten into a physical altercation with before) who came over to flirt with Dennis/taunt Porsha, but Kandi was under the impression Porsha was going around chest-bumping her friend to provoke a fight. Given that side of the story, Kandi felt Porsha owed her a text after getting kicked out of the party.

"Why would you get kicked out of the party if you weren't the aggressor?" Kandi asked.

"Because I was wrongfully kicked out of the party!" Porsha fired back. "That's the whole point! The point of this conversation is you're not my f--king friend."

"Clearly," Kandi replied with an eye roll and a shoulder shrug.

"Clearly!" Porsha shouted. "Because guess what? If you were any type of friend -- or if you were even someone who wanted to work on a friendship -- your conversation to me right now would even be different. I regret f--king coming, and I hate it even happened, okay?"

Porsha got louder and more aggressive, accusing Kandi's employees ("The Factory") of constantly disrespecting her and "who they feel they can" disrespect.

"You always are the aggressor and then become the victim," Kandi insisted, but Porsha fired back, "I'm nobody's victim, bitch!"

That's when Kandi snapped. "Who the f--k you calling a bitch?!" she shouted as she stood up. Porsha accused Kandi of being "fake," saying Kandi would behave the same way if she were in Porsha's shoes.

"You don't know how to control yourself -- that's the problem! F--k you!" Kandi shouted. "Man, take your ass out with all that bullshit."

The blowup will continue next week.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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