'RHOA' Fight of the Night: NeNe Finds Out Porsha's Pregnant Before Shamari Calls Marlo a 'Bitch'
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"I was a A-list when you was a alias!" Shamari hurls at Marlo, who replies by saying her singing voice is "awful."

It feels like every Sunday, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" get more out of control -- in the best and worst ways possible.

But before we get to the shadiest dinner of the season, let's talk about how the ladies began growing suspicious of Porsha Williams being pregnant.

Up until Sunday's episode, no one knew she was carrying Dennis' child, but the ladies had their suspicions. While NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Marlo Hampton and NeNe's friend, Tanya, were getting massages, they began putting together some bits of information: Posha hadn't been drinking, she was tired all the time, she hadn't been feeling well, and the most telling sign of all (according to Cynthia) -- she got a pickle from the gas station.

NeNe decided to approach Porsha with the group's suspicions and ask point blank, "Are you sure you're not pregnant?" Porsha stumbled over her words, looking for the right response. She didn't want the ladies to know until she got confirmation from her doctor, but NeNe was persistent.

Porsha eventually pulled out a bottle of fake Hennessy (Coca-Cola and apple juice) she brought with her to keep the ladies from questioning her and said, "I will say that I haven't checked all the way. This isn't real Hennessy, and it's only not real Hennessy because I don't know yet." The words barely made it out of Porsha's mouth before NeNe started screaming.

"Oh, wait, I gotta hold my balance!" NeNe shouted. "I think you're pregnant!" NeNe promised to keep Porsha's secret but urged her to use her fake Hennessy at dinner that night "because they are very suspicious."

At dinner, Porsha poured herself a "drink," and all was fine. She had successfully -- and momentarily -- dodged the bullet.

Newcomer Shamari DeVoe (who's probably 90 pounds) had been drinking since before the ladies got to the restaurant. By the time they sat down, she was drunk enough to tell Marlo how she was really feeling.

Let's backtrack just for a minute. At the top of the episode, NeNe and Porsha hosted a friendly competition game for everyone called "Bitch Stole My Talent." The ladies duked it out for the titles of most fashionable (Marlo vs. Tanya), best model (Cynthia vs. Eva), best singer (Kandi vs. Shamari) and best host (NeNe vs. Porsha). The names in bold are the women who won, which made for some very hurt feelings. But even before the games had begun, Marlo barged into Shamari's room and told her that her wardrobe needed help.

All this shade coupled with a ton of alcohol made for one helluva dramatic dinner.

Shamari wound up bringing up to Marlo that she didn't appreciate her coming into her room and dressing her, adding that she later went into Tanya's room for some real fashion guidance.

"Anybody can dress you better than how you come," Marlo insisted. The conversation got so heated, Shamari ended up calling Marlo a bitch.

She caught herself and apologized, but the damage had already been done. "I apologize 'cause that wasn't right," she said.

"Like your fashions are not. I know," Marlo replied before getting loud. "Ima say what the hell I want! I'm in America! Don't call me a b-i-t-c-h no more."

"Whatever, bitch," Shamari said. Marlo urged her to "say it one more time," and Shamari obliged.

"Your mama the bitch!" Marlo shouted before telling Shamari the only reason she won the singing competition was because she sang a religious song. (Definitely not the reason. Her voice is remarkable.)

"Your voice is awful," Marlo said, to which Shamari replied, "Honey, I sold over 5 million records. You can Google me back to the '90s, honey. I was a A-list when you was a alias!"

"Girl, that was back then! What are you now?" Marlo fired back.

The two started yelling at each other about who had the new money, who had the old money, who needed braces and who had fake teeth.

"You are dismissed! Go play in traffic!" Shamari hurled at Marlo. "Bye!"

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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